Giuseppe Aceto is a digital designer
based in Milan, Italy.

Areas of interest:

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality (VR) is the use of computer technology to create a simulated environment. Unlike traditional user interfaces, VR places the user inside an experience. I’m exploring the possibility that is offered by virtual reality and related design principles.


The design process can be used to develop, renew and enhance any aspect of learning and teaching. Consider for example, curriculum design, task design, spatial design, classroom layout, assessment design, curriculum alignment, instructional design, human-computer interface design, programmed instruction, adaptive technological systems, and pedagogical design. Teaching itself is increasingly described as a designerly task.


During my experience I acquired knowledge and methodologies to support people and no-profit organizations along their innovation journeys.

Sound Design

Sound design is the process of recording, acquiring, manipulating or generating audio elements. I’m study the role of sound  in product design and in user experience.

Companies i have worked for/with: